My complaints, particularly in the left hip and upper leg, started many years ago. It actually all started quite innocently, my hip and leg often gave way when I got out of a car. After several operations to the stomach, side and back areas, I thought that I would need some time to regain my strength so I didn’t pay too much attention to the problem at first. However the complaints became more and more intense and I also experienced pain during the day and at night. Eventually the pain seriously disturbed my night rest. I could no longer lie on my left-side (nor on my right after a while) and the pain extended right down to my calf. The general practitioner identified bursitis and I was twice given an injection but the complaints came back. When I started to experience the same complaints on the right-side and an injection didn’t help, I asked a physiotherapist if she would examine and treat me. The stretching exercises, massage, etc. still did not improve it. My own exercises using my fitness apparatus were actually counterproductive and the complaints became even worse.

I then came into contact with the exercises according to the Bugnet method. It was unbelievable, I noticed an improvement within a few weeks after years of problems with my hips and upper legs. Exercising every morning requires some discipline but it is so worthwhile that you are happy to fit it into your daily routine. Exercising as soon as you get up and then the day starts. I even try to fit the method I have learnt into my daily life and my muscle corset has become stronger. In fact I experience no more pain during the day. The left hip feels bruised at night but this is sure to disappear after a while. It is a method that you actually have to incorporate into your life; no longer doing something quickly but thinking about how to do it correctly

I love walking on the beach but this hasn’t been very pleasant in the last few years, due to the loose sand and climbing over the dunes with pain in my hips and upper legs. This is also much better now, I use the Bugnet method when walking, and climbing is much easier. There are no more complaints after walking, as was previously the case.

I am very happy that I am again able to function without all the pain in my hips and upper legs. You almost start to think it’s normal; well nothing is further from the truth. There has been an enormous improvement in a short period of time with the correct approach and Bugnet therapy.


October 2015