The symptoms started during the seventh month of my first pregnancy about 27 years ago. I suffered pain in my lower back, groin, left leg and eventually could no longer walk. I received physiotherapy at home. The situation improved slightly. I was in a lot of pain, found it difficult to walk and was very tired for a year after the delivery.

I have had various types of manual therapy, physiotherapy and Mensendieck.

After a number of years it got better; so much better that I could return to my profession as nurse. That was 11 years ago. I loved nursing it but it was physically and mentally difficult. After a while the back and pelvis symptoms returned.

Sometimes everything went well for a while, then the bad periods returned. My back and pelvis were "put straight" each time by the manual therapist.

Two years ago I started exercising with a physiotherapist according to the Bugnet method. After the first examination it was decided that the instability in the lower back and the pelvis and the hypermobility in the joints would be treated. She gave me a lot of insight into how my joints work.

I exercise for about 15 minutes each day to strengthen my muscle corset.

It is important that I remember my limits and listen to my body. I pay attention to my posture when sitting down, walking and working and I take a rest in time.

I was advised to have arch supports made by a chiropodist. I go swimming once a week and I also go ballroom dancing now; and I work fewer hours.

Things are going better and I have more energy. When the back and pelvis symptoms return now and again, I usually know why and also how to put them right.

Sometimes I need help from the physiotherapist, sometimes it gets better with exercise.

Now and again the physiotherapist and I go through the Bugnet exercises and the exercises are slightly altered.

All in all I face the future with hope.

February 2012 


Follow-up after eighteen months.

I am very pleased to report that I have not needed physiotherapy /manual therapy for eighteen months. Before I started Bugnet therapy, I needed a period of therapy a number of times a year.

Now everything is going well!  I still have to do my exercises. I use many in my everyday life and they have become (almost) a habit. I take account of my posture while sitting and standing. Sometimes I consciously flex extra muscles, when bending or during heavy activities for instance. I also stay on the move by bicycling, walking and dancing. I interchange periods of being busy with periods of rest; so I don't carry on too long when I am already tired.

I hope and expect that it will continue to go well. I will have to still do my exercises and watch my posture.  It won't take care of itself!

April 2013